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Illinois became the first US state to offer online lotteries, and New Jersey, home to one of the oldest lottery systems in the country, is now looking into it. Arizona and Pennsylvania’s Lottery Fund have also shown interest in launching an online lottery. If you’re looking for the best lottery site, consider reading our review of TheLotter, the world’s oldest online lottery website. There’s a lot to like about TheLotter, including its huge number of games, several payment options, and excellent customer service.

Illinois became the first US state to offer online lotteries

In a move that is both historic and groundbreaking, the State of Illinois became the first US state to offer lottery tickets through the internet. In an effort to cash in on the recent Department of Justice decision to legalize certain forms of online gambling, the Illinois lottery decided to implement e-ticket sales. The lottery estimates that this move could attract hundreds of thousands of new players and generate anywhere from $78 million to $118 million in new revenue.

New Jersey has one of the oldest lotteries in the country

There are many reasons to play the state’s lotteries, and New Jersey has one of the best-known. The state is also home to one of the nation’s largest gambling jurisdictions, the New Jersey Lottery. Located in northern New Jersey, the lottery is open to all residents. There are nearly 6,000 retailers in the state and online play is available for players from around the world.


If you have an Arizona residence, you can play the lottery online. You can choose from several different draw games, each with its own rules and regulations. The goal of playing an Arizona online lottery is to match a pool of numbers and symbols. In some cases, players can win a $1 million jackpot by matching two of the five numbers. Nevertheless, there are better odds to win with a physical lottery. However, you can still enjoy the thrill of winning big in the virtual world.

Pennsylvania’s Lottery Fund is looking to offer it

Pennsylvania’s Lottery Fund is a state with a large and growing digital gaming industry. Its lottery sales are consistently among the best in the nation. Its iLottery system recently hit a record of $4.2 million in online and mobile sales in a single day. It is currently averaging over $3 million in sales per day. The online lottery platform is the latest development in Pennsylvania’s efforts to make its games more appealing and easy to access.

Minnesota’s online lottery has a full list of games

When you play the Minnesota lottery, you have the option of choosing from among many different types of games. You can play the daily draw or one of the many large jackpots that reach $200 million. The Minnesota lottery website will give you a full list of all of the games that are available. You can also find out more about age restrictions. You can also buy your tickets online. The Minnesota lottery website also has a full list of games and the different prizes.